Gay Agenda takes over Grammys

Today’s Logic Letter

Dear Lojiks,

lynn_woolleyBy Lynn Woolley, Syndicated Texas Talk Show Host
Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – Me, being me, I did not know the Grammy Awards were on last night — but was TV surfing, and there they were — and I was excited because Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson and Merle Haggard were going to come out and play. I saw that, and some of McCartney’s stuff, but apparently I missed the “Gaymmies.”

I don’t know these people, but — Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” gay anthem became the theme song for 33 newlyweds with Queen Latifah officiating the marriages. As the network, CBS was complicit in this celebration of perversity. WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHERE THIS COUNTY GOES FROM HERE? Homosexuals have taken over the country and I’m just curious to see what they do next. I guess they want a gay president. Maybe a gay Pope. (!)

I dunno. I didn’t see the gay stuff, but I got bored quickly by the crap that now passes as music and I decided to pop in a disk and watch an episode of THE MENTALIST. I love The Mentalist as it is all about logic. The Grammy Awards were all about perversion. So what can we do?

I suppose that a few years from now, same sex “marriage” will be as common as divorce is now. I’ll bet it fades out with time as more and more men realize that women are pretty dang special. I guess we’ll see. I wonder what Patrick Jane would say?

Dan Pfeiffer
Dan Pfeiffer

Speaking of gay, the Presidential adviser Dan Pfeiffer went on FOX News Sunday to say that Obama will step up his little scheme to make laws without Congress. I dare him to. And if Congress lets him get away with it, the people should toss out the Congress. (Expect for those who fight this most arrogant of presidents.) If the President follows through with this, I will be firmly in the impeachment camp. Obama will have to go.

Two political events take place tomorrow night. There is the Central Texas Tea Party debate among the 4 candidates for Lieutenant Governor — AND the State of the Union address. Of the former, since I have not made up my mind, I will be interested to see how the candidates perform. If any of the candidates fail to show up, I imagine I will strike that name from my consideration list because they have all (so far as I am told) confirmed to be there. Of the latter, I would watch if I planned to be home, but oh well!

It’s not like I haven’t seen Obama blather on TV now for more than 5 years. There is nothing he can say that will will be new. He is totally predictable.


Kathleen Parker writes that Mike Huckabee (while correct) has given a “gift to Democrats” with his comments about women. I’m trying to remember all the times that Parker doesn’t jump on the pundit bandwagon, but beyond that — who cares? The media will try to make Huckabee look bad. But the fact of what he said is not in dispute. If simply TALKING about women makes them mad, then we’ve got Lysistrata.

The hospital in Fort Worth turned off the life support for Marlise Munoz and her baby and now it remains simply to bury them. We are told that she was brain dead and the “fetus” was severely damaged. What would you have done?

I hope you’ll plan to attend the debate tomorrow night — and we’ll have plenty of coverage of it and the SOTU. So how can you lose?

Take a stand!


Lynn Woolley


  1. You are obsessed over the sex lives of strangers yet call THEM sick? It’s amazing that so many people that call themselves Christians don’t know what the Bible says or what Jesus, The Christ, taught. We are to love one another, judge not lest ye be judged, remove the plank out of your own eye before you worry about the splinter in your brothers, and how about all the harsh references toward Gods contempt for homosexuals? Unless God lies, he said we are judged by our heart…

  2. Gay men KNOW that women are ‘dang special,’ Lynn.

    We just don’t want to have sex them.

    Cuz, like, we’re gay. That’s kinda the point.

    Here’s a thought: Become gay for 1 week, Lynn. Just change your sexual orientation for 1 week. I dare you. CHOOSE to be gay for a week.

    Then come back here a tell us all what an idiot you’ve been all along.

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