Former Eagle Forum-Texas President Pat Carlson Endorses Dewhurst

And report says Cruz Mega-Donor Is Gay, Pro-Pot Billionaire

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas — While the David Dewhurst for Senate Campaign announced  another significant Texas endorsement Monday with former President of the Texas Eagle Forum, Pat Carlson, endorsing Dewhurst for U.S. Senate, his opponent Ted Cruz’s Campaign fought to counter stories saying Cruz’s largest long-time contributor is a gay billionaire who supports same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization.

Carlson praised Dewhurst’s leadership as Lt. Governor for putting conservative principles into practice, and referenced Dewhurst’s efforts to help pass strong fiscal and pro-family legislation. 

“Throughout his life in public service, David Dewhurst has put conservative principles into practice and delivered countless conservative victories for Texans,” said Carlson.

“David has worn the uniform of his country, built a business and has been the driving force behind the most social and fiscal conservative accomplishments in the nation,” Carlson said.

Dewhurst’s opponent, meanwhile, was hit by a report published in The Texas Tribune entitled “Cruz Mega-Donor Is Gay, Pro-Pot Billionaire”. 

As Ted Cruz’s largest contributor, the Tribune reports, Peter Thiel spent millions pushing the opposite side of conservative issues important to Republicans. From the Texas Tribune;

Tea Party-backed Senate candidate Ted Cruz points with pride to the army of small conservative donors supporting him. But his largest longtime contributor is a gay billionaire who supports same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization, campaign finance filings show.

Peter Thiel, a German-born hedge fund manager and founder of the online payment system PayPal, gave Cruz $251,000 in 2009 for his aborted run for attorney general.

Carlson commended the Lt. Governor for being a fighter in the Texas Senate by balancing five consecutive budgets without raising taxes, passing the largest tax cut in Texas history, and slashing state spending.

“David has balanced every budget since taking office without raising taxes, slashed state spending, killed liberal attempts at imposing a state income tax, defunded Planned Parenthood, and passed the Sonogram Bill, Photo Voter ID and the largest tax cut in Texas history. Conservatives in Texas know that David has fought for them in Austin, and he will fight for them in Washington,” Carlson said.

Carlson served as the statewide president of the Texas Eagle Forum from 2009-11. In addition to serving as President of the Texas Eagle Forum from 2009-111, Carlson has also been actively involved in the Republican Party serving as precinct chair, election judge, Senatorial Convention Temporary Chair, Congressional Caucus Chairman at the state Republican convention, a delegate to 10 state Republican Conventions, a delegate or alternate to four national Republican conventions, ultimately serving as Tarrant County Republican Party Chairman from 2000-2005.

“It is an honor to have the endorsement of such a dedicated Texas conservative activist,” said Dewhurst.

“For more than a decade, Pat has been a loud and prominent voice for conservative values and beliefs in Texas. I greatly value and appreciate her support in my bid for U.S. Senate.”


  1. Hey, something confuses me about the comments on this site. It would be great if the Texas Insider would address this. I made my comment above I believe on July 13th (could have been July 12th). It is dated July 3rd. Why are comments dated incorrectly, and can the fact that they are be corrected?

    Thanks for your attention to this matter.

  2. I have come to read the Texas Insider online every once in awhile so I can laugh. And I’m being absolutely serious when I say that. The headlines in particular are ridiculous. Any piece of information that can build up and support David Dewhurst is printed. Any piece of information that can hurt Ted Cruz, no matter how irrelevant, is emphasized above all else. What is funny is the total transparency of that and the fact that the Texas Insider apparently is oblivious to how obvious their bias is. How can writers be so clueless? It boggles the mind. Any Cruz supporter should be thrilled with the Texas Insider. The articles make one think that, if these goofy writers love Dewhurst so much, maybe I should really turn to Cruz!

    I’m waiting to see the headline that could come from this week: “Two Independent Polls Show Cruz Beating Dewhurst And David Dewhurst Removes 2007 Speech Proving He Supported A Guest Worker Program for Illegal Aliens From His Taxpayer Supported Website.” Anyone think we’re going to see that headline from the Insider???

  3. Faith—In any northern state—Dehurst would be a staunch Democrat. If Texas—Typical; RINO—He knows he would have to find a real job if he didn’t declare he was a Republican. Cruz is the REAL conservative here and if you would just read the reports, it’s a shame the good legislation Straus and this Fake Republican have pidgeon-holed in the tone of Bipartisonism.

  4. David Dewhurst has my vote! He’s had a huge role in making Texas the GREAT State!! Cruz? Not so much! Even AG Abbott whom Cruz worked for refused to endorse Cruz! I’ll take a proven record over rhetoric any day!! DEWHURST for US Senate!

  5. @PolitiJim
    Nice post but I wouldn’t go so far as to call Ted Cruz a street fighter. That verbage has strange overtones and I’m NOT going to expound on what I’m thinking.

    My money and support continue to go to Ted Cruz.

  6. Funny, it has long be rumored that DEWHURST WAS GAY since he didn’t marry until he was 50 and spent more time obsessing over his looks at an Austin gym, then spending time at the office. (Article reference here: –

    That article goes on to say that no one who worked with him liked him, and that “Members of the Texas House–with whom Dewhurst will have to work–aren’t enamored with him either. “People hold him in no regard. Not high. Not low. No regard,” said one Democratic member of the house. “He’s never shown himself to be knowledgeable or assertive on any issues. He’s just inept.”

    He chides Cruz for being a “lawyer” I suspect without realizing precisely what this job in the Senate entails. That’s right. DRAFTING LAWS. (That lawyer experience might come in handy.)

    Since I’ve moved to Texas I’ve been sick upon learning how manipulative and corrupt the government here is. Cash and a CIA background can buy you a couple of meaningless government jobs, but I’m hoping that the people of Texas look past idiotic accusations about who their donors are – and more on who THEY ARE.

    All I can say is after watching the first debate between the two, I’d be embarrassed to have a bumbling, lying incoherent pretty boy, over a street fighter endorsed by the most principled legislators in Congress like Pat Toomey and Jim DeMint.

  7. Phyliss Schaffley and Cathie Adams (EAGLE FORUM!!) have both endorsed Cruz…hmmm. As to the mega donor, Cruz has got more class than to dig into the personal lives of DD donors. This is pure BS…more crap dished by DD who is behaving just like our desperate president. I don’t think he is worthy to serve us in the Senate based on his lying behavior.

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