FLYNN: 2013 Session May Include Immigration, Education, Protection of Families & Life Issues

Representatives Filing Pre-Session Legislation

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – “Even with anticipated revenue increases and a strong Texas economy, many will be competing for their share of the budget, and there’ll be tough choices to prioritize:

  1. Public School Financing
  2. Healthcare Issues
  3. Water Issues, and
  4. Securing opportunities for Job Growth.

“With the 83rd Texas Legislative Session approaching in January 2013, we will be considering some extremely important issues for Texas,” said State Rep. Dan Flynn of House District 2 earlier this week.

And, noted Flynn, “No employer, college or technical school that we know of has ever asked for a copy of the STAAR grades when making an acceptance or employment decision. It is about time we admit to that and seek to do the right thing for the children of Texas.”

Read more of Flynn’s 2012 Session Outlook here.    

“Issues that will be prominent during session include: immigration, education, protection of our families and life; and working to make the budget more transparent to taxpayers. 

“The 10th Amendment, which ensures the sovereignty of States rights will be addressed as Texas continues to fight off federal intrusion,” said Flynn.

State Representative Flynn, along with dozens of other Members, took advantage of what is known as the “Early Filing” process wherebye legislators may pre-file Bills they intend to focus on during the upcoming Session. Flynn’s pre-filed bills focus on education, free enterprise, and jobs. Through early filing, Rep. Flynn and others try to ensure the issues have the best chance possible to be taken up this 83rd Legislative Session, slated to begin in January of 2013.

In education, Representative Flynn looks to re-introduce legislation to:

  1. Put a two year moratorium on the controversial STAAR test (HB 44)
  2. require High School students to complete a course on the U.S. Constitution (HB 49), and
  3. allow teachers the opportunity to display the 10 Commandments in their classroom if they so choose (HB 51).

“Each of these three bills are very important to the constituents in my district, and I and my staff were encouraged to make these a priority,” said Flynn.

As for the moratorium on STAAR testing, Flynn has been met with statewide support after his legislation, as an amendment in the first called special session of the 82nd legislature, passed 140-2 in the House only to be caught up by special interests in the Senate.

The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, informally referred to as Obamacare, threatens to overwhelm Texas with unfunded mandates and regulation that will ultimately hurt employers, individuals and those that truly need continual medical attention, warned Flynn.

“The growth of federal entitlements has placed us into unimaginable debt and is causing widespread damage to our economy. The Affordable Care Act  is an attempt to not only eradicate our 10th Amendment rights, but forces American citizens to become heavily reliant on the federal government at the expense of your tax dollars.

“The implementation of such a program would require a potential cost of billions to Texas taxpayers; forcing a decision between raising taxes or cutting deeply into all levels of services, if not eliminating them entirely,” Flynn said.

It is no secret that Texas continues to be an exemplary model of opposition to D.C. regulation and government overreach. Texas remains the beacon of hope for American citizens who oppose the direction the current administration is taking our country.

“Our conservative principles and our determination to remain steadfast in upholding them will continue to be a thorn in the side of Washington,” said Flynn.

Representative Flynn also hopes to champion legislation to make obtaining occupational licenses for members of the military and their spouses easier (HB 45). “If our brave men and women can drive a semi-truck in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is no reason why that training and license should not be applicable to Texas and the 1-35 corridor,” says the Representative.

“Our returning veterans make up one of the largest unemployment pools in the United States.

“The current procedure for returning vets is to retake yearlong training courses for occupations they have already been licensed for by the military, this seems like a waste of time when they could be back into the workforce using the skills they developed during their service with little to no downtime upon return from active duty.”

Following the education theme, Representative Flynn also filed two bills regarding the process to acquire a CHL license (HB 47) and the process to renew a CHL license (HB 48). House Bill 47 would address the hours of instruction. House Bill 48 will define the requirements and exceptions for CHL license renewal.

Another important piece of legislation for the constituents of House District 2 regards the regulation and sale of raw milk (HB 46). Representative Flynn hopes the legislation will allow farmers to sell their raw milk directly to consumers at farmers markets and county fairs. HB 46 does not authorize the sale of raw milk to or on the premises of a grocery store, supermarket or similar retail market. All distributors must provide the proper permit to sell raw milk at the above mentioned locations.

I will join other state leaders in upholding the Constitution and  founding principles of limited government. Ceding control to Washington has never accomplished anything.

We continue to welcome your input and your questions.  Contact our office at mailing address:

P. O. Box 2910, Austin, TX  78768


Toll free at 1-800-734-9515

May God continue to bless you, and the Great State of Texas!

Representative Dan Flynn is a native Texan who serves House District 2, which includes Hunt, Rains, and Van Zandt Counties. He currently serves on the House Committee on Defense & Veterans’ Affairs, as well as Homeland Security & Public Safety. He is chairman of the Texas Legislative Sportsman Caucus.


  1. It sounds like you are on the right track. We will be watching to see if you are able to accomplish these things. I know a lot of energy has gone into the STARR test and the people who worked on it have sincerely tried to make it much better than it was. But, as a former educational diagnostician I believe testing has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. I believe the schools were doing a better job before we started all of the testing. Testing materials cost lots and lots of money. The testing companies are not going to lose this source of money without lobbying hard. But we are not supposed to let our policies be guided by lobbyists and special interest groups. I believe we can put the money spent on testing to better use in the schools. I also believe we can put the time spent on teaching children HOW TO TAKE A TEST to better use. We spend about a month out of every school year on practice tests. This time could be used for teaching. What a novel idea!!! That would be like adding an extra month of teaching each year.

    I have 36 years experience in the Texas Public Schools. I have certifications in Elementary Education, Early Childhood, Kindergarten, Language Learning Disabilities, English, Counseling, and Educational Diagnostician. I have experience working in all of these areas. If I can help you in any way, I would be happy to visit with you or to give testimony based on my experiences and education.

    Mary Lou Bruner, M. Ed.

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