CSCOPE Update: Still More in Our Continuing Series

Parents, even some teachers none to happy

Texas Insider Griffing, John CSCOPE-World Net DailyTexas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – As is the case in most any scandal, it is a story clouded in secrecy and leading down a trail of money. CSCOPE is not a medical procedure, or a mouthwash … and World Net Daily Investigative Reporter John Griffing is one who helped bring its details to light.  

Texas parents, and even some teachers, are none to happy about the CSOPE Curriculum Plans being taught to Texas schoolchildren.


  1. The truth is that parents are not being shown the truth. In Texas the schools that used it forbid the parents to know “what was going on” and told the children not to discuss their lessons with their parents. The uproar was huge so now they’ve scrubbed the information disseminated to the parents. Parents wake up!!! You’re being played and your children are being used.

  2. My main problem with C Scope is that it didn’t teach my children. No books. No reading comprehension. No life skills to know how to learn something on their own. Extremely behind in math and science. We reluctantly pulled our kids out of public schools and put them in private schools. The difference is unbelievable. It is so unfortunate, and I sure wish they could go to public schools and get the same education. Frankly, the private schools use the methods that I used in private schools when I was young. Things are so different now.

  3. Reference the last comment, I suppose that some schools that continue to use CSCOPE are actually culling out most of the worst indoctrinating paragraphs, and what they show parents does look clean. Also, I think that there are good teachers who really want to teach and not indoctrinate their students. However, like he said, poison cannot be fixed. Why use a program that was developed by communistic leaning “educators” at all? Get rid of it and get rid of the organizations that poisoned the water in the first place. Texas is ahead of most of the other states in the Union because we did not take the federal dollars and become saddled with Common Core, which may be even more evil than CSCOPE. Don’t these leftist educators and I mean the Superintendents who insist upon bringing the scourge to their campuses in the first place realize that under communism, their heads will be the first to roll? Take a look at Mao’s China. Educators had a very short life span under his tutorage. May commone sense, rather than CommonCore prevail!

  4. Wow, so much for objective reporting. Obviously neither of these two guys have actually seen one of these lessons . My child’s school district allowed parents to see the lessons and there was no pro-Islam or pro – communist lessons. Last time I ever look at this website.

  5. I would have liked for Mr. Griffing would have shown the lesson that promotes communism.
    It does not show that communism is the most fair. It says that communism has the most government intrusion. Seems to be a difference.
    Why did you not report what the State Board found out when they reviewed the social studies lessons?

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