CSCOPE UPDATE: Exclusive Interview with Sen. Dan Patrick, Chairman of the Senate Education Committee

Texas Insider Patrick, Dan 4-12-13Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – Video EXCLUSIVE

“Once I became Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, I started getting input from parents around the state about this program called CSCOPE … CSCOPE is in some 875 of Texas’ 1,100 public School Districts,” said Sen. Dan Patrick, Chairman of the Texas Senate’s Education Committee.

“The first things that came to my attention were:

  1. Calling the Boston Tea Party Patriots terrorists;
  2. Having 5th Graders design a flag for a new country, it happened to be a communist flag; and
  3. Having a lesson on Islam that happened to be this thick (hands far-apart,) and Christianity that big (fingers close together.)

“Then we started finding CSCOPE lesson plans that were just faulty, in terms of basic math and basic science,” Sen. Patrick said.

Don’t miss Sen. Dan Patrick, Chairman of the Texas Senate’s Education Committee, as he visits with Texas Insider’s Jim Cardle about the controversial CSCOPE Program being under Legislative Review, and what’s next for other Education Reform efforts during the remainder of the 2013 Legislative Session?    



  1. This is Obama and his progressive elitist buddies changing America into a country you will not recognize. The insane asylum that is being constructed by the monstrous ego maniacs that are also implementing this madness needs to be taken down brick by brick and the architects need to be jailed with the keys thrown away.
    Need a revolution? That is an understatement. The people who have designed and are attempting to implement this pure garbage know quite well that Texas educational system and “curriculum” serve as the model for many other states, including use of Texas textbooks which virtually strip the books of anything associated with traditional American values and hero’s.
    this program needs more than gutted. It needs uprooted and discarded, and those who designed it need fired and jailed – literally. This is communism and progressivism in high gear and needs stopped dead in its tracks.

  2. This is patently outrageous that such subversive curriculum is being troweled out under the guise of ‘education’. As always, there is always some educated idiot with a bunch of letters after their name telling us how ‘cost effective’ it is and the associated ‘benefits’ of teaching children inane, counter productive and treasonous material and in doing so, inferring that this is acceptable.

    Further, the fact that CSCOPE was ever even implemented speaks to the failed so called ‘leadership’ of the persons responsible for the performace of our educational system in the TEA, and the continued failure by the GOP representatives in Austin to the people of Texas.

    Evidently, our educators and legislators have forgotten that it is their primary responsibility to teach children to read, write(in English!) and do a little math, not indoctrinate them about sexual matters or religious matters. To fail them in doing so does a disservce to them and to society in general, as they are forced to try to compete in global market with subpar skills, which is, of course, a recipe for failure.

    Our ‘leadership’, both at the TEA, state level and national level is a total disgrace, and you people will to reap the poisoned fruits of your folly the same as the rest of us. You deserve nothing but to be fired and our collective contempt!

    God bless Texas and a pox on all you traitors!

  3. It is outrageous to me that a Foreign entity (Pearson lobby) has come in to Texas and implemented STARR. It is outrageous to me that the TEA (Texas Education Agency) spent millions of tax payer dollars on Books from DAVID BARTON and they are NOT USED!! my son has not brought home a book all year. If he wants a book he can “check it out of the library”. It is outrageous to me that C Scope teaches our kids to by SYMPATHETIC towards a group of people who want to kill us. Teaching our children to be sympathetic toward islam is ensuring their deaths! that’s my opinion like it or not. The TEA spent 500 million tax payer dollars to have Pearson lobby come in and implement STARR. This is what I have done to combat this nonsense. I ordered David Barton books as wells as many others for my child to read.. I have instructed my child on islam which is a CULT. I have decide my other children will not go to public high school in Texas. The problem with home school networks in Texas is that Pearson lobby bought the biggest one in Texas two years ago and has been changing the curriculum to a communist slanted one as well.. I am outraged that the FED DEPT of EDUCATION can get away with this sort of stuff and I am even MORE OUTRAGED that our representatives in AUSTIN have not STOPPED it from infecting our kids in TEXAS! I feel sorry for the kids because not only are they dumbed down now they are being taught lies and they are being taught what to think… not how to think. and for those of you who want to know the original country base for Pearson lobby.. who has an office in Dallas … its ENGLAND! so go chew on that. yeah.. does’nt sit well does it… thing is .. the ppl at TEA in Austin they think this is just fine for our kids.. you know an “OPEN” concept of learning.. all I can say is.. CSCOPE needs to be voted out of our schools. SOON.

  4. C-SCOPE adds no positive academic or cultural values to public school curriculum. In fact, the opposite seems to be true. C-SCOPE has the characteristics of an agenda-driven program designed to slide American culture away from Judeo-Christian values toward progressive economic and political policies. Like the Common Core Curriculum Standards, implimentation of C-SCOPE contents would be an additional incremental slide away from the traditional principles and virtues which are foundational to American society. As a previous school superintendent and member of textbook selection panels in Arizona and Texas, I am highly alarmed that C-S materials are being used in public schools. Use of C-SCOPE and Common Core Curriculum Standards in schools reflects incremental steps to standardize all public schools under a national curriculum in which all children are molded into “citizens of the world.” Such an insideous agenda endangers the quality of individualism that makes free enterprise effective.
    All legislators, parents, businesspersons, and pastors ought to oppose application of C-SCOPE and Common Core Curriculum Standards in schools.

  5. Texas public schools are required to have a curriculum which follows the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), which are adopted by the State Board of Education. A curriculum should provide teachers both the scope (depth of study into content) and the sequence in which the TEKS are taught. C-SCOPE is a very cost effective ($7 per student) curriculum. It changes as the TEKS change, and for many districts who cannot afford to create their own curriculum due to cost (See $390K for Kilgore ISD) or lack of expertise in their staff.

    As far as teachers who don’t like C-SCOPE, I’ve come to the conclusion that they fall under one of two categories: 1. Teachers who are really great and don’t like the “constraints” of C-SCOPE, or 2) teachers that are really bad and don’t like the “accountability” of C-SCOPE. Great teachers want to find interesting topics that will excite the kids and will teach what needs to be taught in a fun, innovative way. C-SCOPE limits that. Bad teachers want to find ways to minimize their work and will always look to blame the kids for not being successful. C-SCOPE requires that teachers teach what needs to be taught to all kids. However, most teachers are right in the middle. There are some subjects/topics about which they have knowledge and like teaching the topic. Other areas, not so much. C-SCOPE can be a way to help them in the areas they find less desirable to teach.

    For outside interest groups who do not like C-SCOPE, I argue that they have their own motivations and are distorting the facts/intent of a select few lessons within content of C-SCOPE. They are motivated by either disdain for public education in general (see home-school advocates) or they are vendors that want their products to be used in TX schools and feel shut-out by C-SCOPE. Either way, they see C-SCOPE as a way to attack what public schools in TX are doing and have done a good job in convincing a vocal minority that public education is a failing endeavor.

  6. Please, please get this out of our Texas schools!! I certainly support such a bill! I have 3 grandsons that have no choice but to attend public school and one is going to Splendora High School – Splendora ISD is total curiculum is CSCOPE. Please stop it NOW.

    Faithe Evans

  7. Dear Sen Patrick,

    As an educator and having a doctorate in curriculum and instruction, I urge you to call for the immediately remove all CSCOPE material from all school districts in Texas. These so called lesson plans have been used to imbed propaganda favoring socialism while demonizing conservatives, contain revisionist history, and fail to, even at the adequate level, teach Texas school children the basics in English, math, history and the sciences. CSCOPE is nothing more than propaganda to advance socialism and it has no place in our Texas schools. If it requires a law for its removal, I am sure a majority of Texans would support such a bill. Thank you.

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