Cornyn: “Chuck Schumer has the hardest job in Washington.”

Delaying Trump Cabinet confirmations ‘Inexcusable’  

Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. – “Chuck Schumer has the hardest job in Washington. He’s got to appease the Bernie Sanders-Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Caucus, and still try to be the Minority Leader,” said U.S. Senator John Cornyn at a press conference held earlier today, as he discussed the decision by Senate Democrats to deliberately slow-walk President Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees, including the Attorney General.

“Just to put numbers to it, at this point in the Obama Administration (when Republicans were in the minority,) there were 21 cabinet members confirmed, compared to the 7 that are confirmed under the current Trump Administration” (with Democrats in the minority,) said Cornyn, the number two ranking Republican member of the U.S. Senate.

  • Excerpts of Sen. Cornyn’s remarks are below, and video of his remarks can be found here.

“What I find particularly egregious, is the fact that Democrats have slowed down, and slow-walked and obstructed the nomination or confirmation of one of the President’s national security Cabinet members, and that would be Senator Jeff Sessions, his Attorney General.

“This is not only irresponsible, but this is, I believe, dangerous. It should also be an embarrassment. The American people expect their Senators and Congress to do our jobs.

“The fact that they’ve drug this out and made it impossible for the Department of Justice, an important part of our national security team, to remain without a leader is completely inexcusable,” Cornyn said.

“The last thing I would say is, they know how this story ends. They know we’re going to be successful. So stunts like staying up all night and making speeches, I’m not sure who they’re trying to impress, other than their dysfunctional base, by stopping and slowing down these confirmations, which will be successful eventually,” said Cornyn.

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