Comparing Obama’s Approval Ratings to Other Presidents

Last month, we posted a Gallup poll that compared Barack Obama’s approval ratings after one month in office to past presidents for the same time period.






Gallup put him about in the middle in terms of job approval ratings. Karl Rove, on his site, has constructed a nice graphic which we thought we’d share.


  1. seems like when theres a crucial situation he goes off to play golf or take care of some less important or even rediculous him the presidency is one big vacation.people are out there losing everything the have worked for (me included) and it is one big picnic for him.

  2. Obama has no idea on how to be a president. All he wants to do is push socialism which will destroy the U.S.

    Socialism destroys entrepreneurialism, capitalism and taxes people to support policies which encourage others to not work.

  3. This evil destroyer will NEVER rate in my book.

    Thank God this country had George W. Bush. He set an example of what a real man, a true American should be. He is the reason the slobbering lilly minded left ran scared all the time. The man has some b—s and the left don’t even know the meaning of b—s. Bunch of wuzzies!!

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