Chairman Tan Parker Talks: The House Republican Caucus Leader’s Legislative Outlook

Sanctuary Cities, Border Security & Illegal Immigration, the Texas State Budget & Child Protective Services Reform …

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – The 2017 Texas Legislature hits a new phase of activity, and State Rep. Tan Parker has some thoughts on what will, or will not take place during the 75+ days remaining in the Session. Texas Insider’s Jim Cardle presses the Texas House Republican Caucus’ Chairman.

“What we want to do with regards to Sancuary Cities, is to make sure there’s adherence (to the law.) We are either a state and a nation where we respect the rule of law, or we aren’t. Its one of the two. From a Republican perspective, obviously, we believe in respecting the laws of the land, and that they need to be enforced,” Parker said.

“We need to take the magnets off. The reality is that the way to do that is to to crack down on Sanctuary Cities. We will pass a very good Sanctuary Cities Bill here in the House this Legislative Session, carried by State Rep. Charlie Geren.”

“The bottom line is this: Last Session we put $840 million dollars into Border Security. This a critically important thing that we do as a state to protect our citizens.

“At the end of the day its about law and order, its about the protection of our citizens, whether its in north Texas, in Houston, or all across the state. That’s why its so important, particularly in a post-9/11 world,” Parker said.

“We’re all, both the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate, excited about the prospects of President Donald Trump and the new Republican majorities on both the U.S. House & Senate taking over this responsibility from Texas,” said Parker.

“We have done our part for all these years, because Washington, D.C. failed us,” said the House Republican Caucus Chairman.

The Texas House is focused on the work that we have ahead of us, we know that the heavy lifting is before us, and we’re excited about the good, conservative accomplishments that will come out of this Session.

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