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1:40 pm CST - May 26, 2015

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PAXTON: Court Denies Obama Admin’s Illegal Amnesty Implementation

We will continue to fight the brazen lawlessness that has become a trademark of the Obama Administration.”

ken.paxton1Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – “Telling illegal aliens that they are now lawfully present in this country, and awarding them valuable government benefits, is a drastic change in immigration policy.

“The separation of powers and checks and balances remain the law of the land, and this decision is a victory for those committed to preserving the rule of law in America.”

– Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, after the U.S. Court of Appeals 5th Circuit today denied the Administration’s request to begin implementing the president’s illegal amnesty plan despite a federal judge’s Feb. 16th ruling to halt the program.      Continue Reading.

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2:25 pm CST - May 21, 2015

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Texas Tax Cuts & Border Security: Chairman Dennis Bonnen Talks End-Game

Appraisals can go up, but the rates should go down. That is only controlled at that local level.”

Texas Insider Bonnen, Dennis 5-21-15AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) – “The latest is that the House has respectfully set sales tax (cuts) aside I want to have that discussion again in the future, but we’ve set that aside  and we agreed that we’ll have a $10,000 Homestead Exemption increase.

“One thing that I want to point out, and its been the message that the House has been trying to deliver all Session long is, we’re proud to do tax relief, but we don’t want it sold incorrectly,” State Rep. Dennis Bonnen, the Texas House’s chief tax authority tells Insider’s Jim Cardle.

“People get very frustrated by elected leaders who don’t tell the truth, and who over-sell things to them. So the House’s position has been that we’re proud to do a $10,000 property tax exemption and get that done … But in the House we want to be very clear; we’re probably not going to Texas Insider Bonnen, Dennis 5-21-15abe able to even really lower what that Property Tax Bill is.

“The best way to do that is for you to go talk to your City Council, go talk to your County Commissioner, go talk to your School Board. They control those rates. And, appraisals aren’t really the problem … appraisals can go up, but the rates should go down. That is only controlled at that local level,” Bonnen said.

– Don’t miss Insider’s update with State Rep. Dennis Bonnen, author of the 25% Franchise Tax Cut Bill and chairman of the tax-reforming House Ways & Means Committee.    Continue Reading.

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12:47 pm CST - May 12, 2015

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BONNEN: “If you want real tax relief, sales tax cut is the way to go.”

In 200680% of the promised tax cuts evaporated, never making it to homeowners.”

Bonnen House Tax Cuts 4-8-15d (2)By State Rep. Dennis Bonnen, chair of the tax-writing House Ways & Means Committee

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas It’s Groundhog Day in the Legislature.

Three times from 1997 to 2006 the Legislature delivered property tax relief. Three times voters never received promised relief, and three times the state increased state spending on a property tax cut that simply vanished.

There’s a reason the political class has a credibility problem with the public: too often they don’t keep their promises.    Continue Reading.

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10:32 am CST - May 06, 2015

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Lyle Larson: House Passes Historic Tax Cut Plan, but Work Remains

There is still a lot of work to do before we are able to adjourn Sine Die.”

Larson, State Rep. Lyle (2)By State Rep. Lyle Larson

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas — It’s hard to believe that there are only some 26 days left in the 84th Legislative Session. Last week, the House passed two bills  HB 31 and HB 32  that put the $4.9 billion House Tax Relief Plan in motion.

HB 31, which passed unanimously, would result in the first sales tax cut in state history, reducing the state sales tax rate from 6.25% to 5.95%.

Texas House Floor 2013c340-122And HB 32, which will institute a 25% decrease in the Business Franchise Tax, passed by a vote of 115-29.

A sales tax reduction is permanent, benefits all consumers, and shrinks the size of government and can’t be eroded the way that property taxes can through appraisal increases.    Continue Reading.

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11:48 am CST - April 27, 2015

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State Rep. Byron Cook Talks: On Stopping Illegal Immigration, Dark Money & more …

We don’t know who they are, they don’t have insurance, may not have taken a driver’s test, they don’t have a driver’s license …” says House State Affairs Committee Chairman 

 Texas Insider Cook, State Rep. Byron3eTexas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas –

“Currently, I just call it de facto amnesty. You have amnesty in that they are driving without any requirements,” House State Affairs Committee Chairman Byron Cook (R-Corsicana) tells Insider’s Jim Cardle about his and the Texas House’s effort to address the issue of illegal immigration.

    (WATCH Insider’s conversation with State Rep. Byron Cook HERE.)

If we required these folks that, again, can’t prove lawful presence, that are driving without a driver’s license, and in most cases don’t have insurance … if we required these folks to go through a criminal background check so that we know who they are, and have a database on them, we do a 10-point fingerprint so that we have identification, which we don’t have now, we have a picture where we have an additional image of them, we make them take a driving test, pass a test, and most importantly we make them have insurance, this state would, in my opinion, be a lot safer than it is today,” says Cook.

Texas Insider Cook, State Rep. Byron3c.jpgIt would actually be a lot more conservative to require them to drive responsibly … and deal with the problem while we’re waiting and hoping that eventually the federal government will actually do something,” said Cook.

 – Don’t miss Insider’s conversation with State Rep. Byron Cook, chairman of the House State Affairs Committee, and a member of the powerful House Calendars Committee.     Continue Reading.

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9:15 am CST - April 15, 2015

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Cong. Lamar Smith Talks: Border Security is Issue #1 for House Committee Chairman

We’re probably not going to get much done with immigration just because we don’t trust the president.”

Texas Insider Smith, Lamar 4-10-15Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – “If there is a #1 issue in my district, beyond the incompetence of the administration – and the district I represent goes all the way from Austin down to San Antonio –  the number one issue is border security … and I’m beginning to start to think that every state is on the border, because every state cares about border security these days,” Cong. Lamar Smith tells Insider’s Jim Cardle.

“We cannot trust the president to enforce the immigration laws, and that’s probably why you’re not going to see any more laws passed in this Congress.

Texas Insider - Smith Cong  Lamar 9-29-14a“The president has actually done his best to undermine laws, ignore laws, and make up new laws through his Executive Orders. So we’re probably not going to get much done with immigration just because we don’t trust the president,” Smith predicts.

– Don’t miss Insider’s conversation with Cong. Lamar Smith, founder of the House Border Security Caucus and now chairman of the House Science, Space & Technology Committee.      Continue Reading.

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10:06 am CST - April 02, 2015

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Dennis Bonnen Talks: Texas Border Security & How the Texas House is Cutting Taxes

We’re not going to surge & stop, stop & surge on Border Security anymore.”

AUSTINTexas Insider Bonnen, Dennis 3-27-15, Texas (Texas Insider Report) – House Bill 11 tells Texans that we are going to give you a consistent strategy that you can count on, that helps secure our border.

“And more importantly even than that, is to keep Texans within the rest of our state safe from the trans-national gang & drug cartel-related crimes that move through our border and into our communities where we live,” Dennis Bonnen, the Texas House’s chief tax authority, and author of HB 11, tells Insider’s Jim Cardle.

Texas Insider Bonnen, Dennis 3-27-15a“Coupled with the work we’re doing in the House Budget, what House Bill 11 will do is give consistency to Texans to know that we’re not going to surge and stop, surge and stop on Border Security anymore.”

– Don’t miss Texas Insider’s conversation with Dennis Bonnen, author of HB 11 and Chairman of the tax-reforming Ways & Means Committee in the House of Representatives. Continue Reading.

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11:21 am CST - March 31, 2015

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Smith Subpoenas EPA, Partners with Ag Comm. Sid Miller on EPA Regulation Roundtable

Smith, Miller announce details for Wednesday, April 8th EPA Regulation Roundtable

Texas Insider Cong. Lamar 2-1-13aAUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) “The EPA’s pattern of withholding, concealing and possibly destroying records must come to an end.

“We all want clean air and clean water, yet the EPA has avoided transparency at every turn,” said chairman of the House Science, Space & Technology Committee, Cong. Lamar Smith (R-TX,) last week after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refused to hand over information related to almost 6,000 deleted text messages linked to the agency’s top official.

Smith announced he is subpoenaing the agency as part of his continuing fight to increase EPA transparency, fight costly new EPA ozone regs, and put Congressional Miller, Sid Texas Agriculture Commissioneraccountability on the agency’s plans for sweeping new water rules.

“I applaud Chairman Smith,” said Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller. “We Texans must stand together to stop the EPA from enacting rules to unnecessarily regulate water on our farms and ranches. This will result in a total erosion of state and individual property rights.”

For details on Smith & Miller’s “Reining in the EPA: A Regulation Roundtable” event in Kerrville, Texas on Wednesday, April 8thCLICK HERE.   Continue Reading.

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8:01 am CST - March 20, 2015

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Austin’s Calling with SID MILLER: 18 Billion Hamburger Patties, 2 Billion Pairs of Blue Jeans

Yes … Texas Agriculture produces 18 billion hamburger patties and 2 billion pairs of blue jeans

Austin's Calling-Miller, Sid3c AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) –

“We produce enough beef in this state each year to make 18 billion hamburger patties … now let me ‘hep you get your mind around that,”  Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller tells Austin’s Calling’s Theresa McKeown.

“If you laid those hamburger patties end-to-end, they’d circle the earth … 400 TIMES! Agriculture’s a $100 billion dollar industry to our state.

Austin's Calling-Miller, Sid3b“You think it’s just corn & cows, but its much more than that … we have olive groves, we raise citrus, its shrimp, its oysters, it’s the wine industry,” Miller says.

“It’s a wide menu when it comes to what we produce in Texas.”

–  Don’t miss the inaugural edition of Austin’s Calling with Theresa McKeown.     Continue Reading.

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8:17 am CST - March 04, 2015

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Dan Flynn Talks: On Pro-Life House Activities, the Border & Budget

“You are going to continue to see a strong push to protect life, and not only that, but also the family …”

Texas Insider Flynn, Dan 2-28-15AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) – “To go back a little bit, the last three Legislative Sessions there has been more pro-life, pro-family legislation passed than in the history of the Texas Legislature,” State Rep. Dan Flynn (R-HD2) tells Texas Insider’s Jim Cardle.

“So you’re going to continue to see a strong push to protect life, and not only that, but also the family … Yes we have defunded all those people that have pushed for abortion, but if we don’t protect life, who will?” asked Flynn.

“For the future, if we have that breakdown of the family, you can’t educate kids that are not going to be disciplined. It’s so important for everything that we do, and it starts with being a pro-life person.” Flynn said.   Continue Reading.

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