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11:22 am CST - November 18, 2014

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Cornyn: President Obama Bypassing Congress on Amnesty, Immigration

“Just a few years ago, a prominent Democrat firmly, and unequivocally, rejected the idea that the President of the United States could single-handedly enact an amnesty for millions of Cornyn-Amesty-Illegal-Immigration-floor 11-17-14immigrants who entered the country without legal authorization.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report)

“Now the president is threatening to authorize the exact type of action he previously said he did not have the authority to order. And he’s threatening to do so even after his go-it-alone-approach on immigration and so many other issues was so roundly repudiated in this most recent election,” said Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) on the Senate floor yesterday.

“In other words, he’s showing contempt for the Constitution, for the voters, and basically anyone who disagrees with him.

“Unfortunately, the president has shown that he has very little patience with Constitutional safeguards, especially when they hamper his agenda or complicate his political needs,” Cornyn said.

– Sen. Cornyn, soon to be the 2nd Ranking leader of the U.S. Senate, spoke on the Senate floor yesterday to address reports that President Obama may bypass Congress on amnesty or immigration reform. Video & excerpts of his remarks can be found here.     Continue Reading.

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10:28 am CST - November 05, 2014

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Cong. McCaul: “The American people expect us to get the country moving again.”

Republicans easily capture Senate majority, gain at least 14 House seats

McCaul, Michael3eAUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) –

“I’m encouraged that the American people have chosen a new direction for our country. It is clear the policies of the last six years are not working, and now the American people have spoken by entrusting Republicans with majorities in both houses of Congress.

“I look forward to working with a willing partner in the Senate to secure our border, ensure our national security is strong, and restoring America’s standing on the world stage.

“At home, the American people expect us to get the country moving again, and we can do this by reducing spending and reforming our broken tax code, creating jobs with commonsense legislation such as the Keystone XL pipeline, and repealing the burdensome healthcare laws this administration has forced upon the taxpayers of this nation.”

–  Cong. Michael McCaul, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, following election results showing that Republicans had easily swept to a majority in the U.S. Senate while gaining at least 14 House seats prior to the 114th Congress beginning in January.

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10:02 am CST - October 30, 2014

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State Rep. Jim Keffer Talks: Texas Oil & Gas Accounts for All of U.S. ‘Recovery’, experts now say

Predicts School Finance & Special Session possibilities as well

Texas Insider Keffer, State Rep. Jim 10-28-14AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) – “The latest information we’re seeing says that without the Oil & Gas recovery, there would not be any ‘recovery’ in Texas.

“And, there would not be any ‘recovery’ in the nation were it not for the oil & gas recovery in Texas,” says House Energy Resources Committee Chairman Jim Keffer (R-HD 60.)

“There’s not another industry like the oil & gas industry, where it raises all boats,” Keffer tells Insider’s Jim Cardle.

Representative Keffer, who chaired the powerful Ways & Means Committee a decade ago during the last School Finance Special Session debates, knows what he’s talking about … and what’s driving Texas politically prior to next week’s November 4th Election.    Continue Reading.

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10:00 am CST - October 15, 2014

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FLASTER: “Economically, Ebola is more than just a scary movie.”

Voters now put Border, National Security above jobs & economy

Texas Insider Flaster, Marc Sandler O'Neill 10-14-14AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) –

“The confluence of Ebola fears, falling oil prices, poor reports on retail sales for September, U.S. inflation actually going down, a European Central Bank that cannot put on its pants one leg at a time, and falling inflation pressures worldwide has finally awakened the headline readers,” Sandler O’Neill + Partners’ Marc Flaster tells Insider’s Jim Cardle.

“And concerning Ebola, this is a serious thing (economically). It’s not just a scary movie, and now here it is … it’s now showed up on our doorstep. It’s really scary,” Flaster says of a potential impact on the U.S. economy.

– Wall Street Analyst & Texas Banking Industry Advisor Marc Flaster knows what he’s talking about … and what’s driving the Texas & U.S. politically prior to November 4th’s Election.     Continue Reading.

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9:58 am CST - October 10, 2014

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Cong. Lamar Smith Talks: Obama Amnesty Promises, Fighting ISIS & Eric Holder

Texas Insider - Smith Cong  Lamar 9-29-14a“… Forgive me for being cynical, but I look for him (President Obama) to do so (amnesty) a day or two before Thanksgiving or a day or two before Christmas,” Cong. Lamar Smith tells Insider’s Jim Cardle.

“The President, very cynically I thought, said he intended to issue Executive Orders to give legalization or amnesty to millions of people who are here in the country illegally,” said Smith.

“Then, when he saw the public opinion polls showing 75% of the American people disagreed with that, he said ‘I’m going to wait until after the November Election’.”

“Clearly this is an admission that he knew the Executive Orders were unpopular, and that he knew they would hurt democrats this election cycle,” Smith said.

 – Cong. Lamar Smith is the former chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and now current chairman of the Science, Space & Technology Committee. Don’t miss Smith’s conversation with Insider’s Jim Cardle.       Continue Reading.

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6:01 pm CST - September 29, 2014

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The 2014 Hispanic Vote in Texas: “The Democratic Party has really over-reached…”

When it comes to their approach to immigration and the Hispanic Community, the Democratic Party has really over-reached.”

Texas Insider - Muniz, Temo 9-29-14AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) –

“The Democratic talking points that used to work, that were race-based or identity politics, they don’t work anymore,” Artemio “Temo” Muniz of the Federation of Hispanic Republicans tells Insider’s Jim Cardle.

“In Texas, within the hispanic community things are growing economically. There’s prosperity.

“The rise of Wendy Davis happened in an echo-chamber in Austin. I don’t think it transfers at all to the hispanic community, where she really does not have relationships. She’s sort of an artificial, astro-turf Texas Insider - Muniz, Temo 9-29-14bbuilt candidate. There is no passion.”

– Temo Muniz talks about how the 2014 Hispanic Vote in Texas will play out and tells Texas Insider the Federation of Hispanic Republicans’ election outlook.   Continue Reading.

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9:48 am CST - September 24, 2014

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Cong. Kevin Brady Talks: Why Small Businesses are Struggling, ObamaCare’s Impact on Doctors, the IRS Targeting Investigation

It’s 5 years after ‘the recovery’ began, and we’re way behind where we ought to be.”

Texas Insider - Brady, Cong. Kevin 9-22-14AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) – “Fortunately, Texas is doing great, but the rest of the country? Not so good,” Texas Cong. Kevin Brady, Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee and chair of the House Ways & Means Committee’s Health Subcommittee tells Insider’s Jim Cardle.

“This is the most disappointing recovery in half a century, and we’re missing about 6 million jobs that should be back by now. That’s enough to put everyone who’s looking for work, back into a job in 44 states.

“The small businessman has really paid the biggest price in this slow recovery, and many of them just aren’t back Texas Insider - Brady, Cong. Kevin 9-22-14aSMALLto where they want to be,” Brady said.

“But thank goodness for the energy revolution. Hiring is going on from the very low-skilled, to the very high-skilled, paying salaries you can raise a family on across all and every ethnic group. Energy is really the life-saver right now for our economy.”

 – Watch Cong. Brady’s inside comments on the recent ObamaCare website data breach, how doctors are struggling to see patients under the law, his role in investigating the I.R.S. targeting scandal, and more.   Continue Reading.

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10:55 am CST - September 17, 2014

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State Rep. Phil King Talks: The Oil & Gas Industry, 300,000 Texas Jobs & a Fracking Ban Proposal

What is the north DFW Fracking Ban Proposal all about?

Texas Insider - King, State Rep. Phil 9-15-14aAUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) — “We’ve been fracking wells for 50-plus years, which is where you go down and inject water, sand and pressure to break up rocks so that oil & gas can flow out,” State Rep. Phil King tells Texas Insider’s Jim Cardle.

“The oil & gas boom we’re experiencing in Texas is the result of the marriage of old and new technologies, and horizontal drilling where you can drill down a mile, and then go out (horizontally) a mile and frack all along the way to release the oil & gas that we could never get to before,” said King, who is a past chairman of the House Regulated Industries Texas Insider - King, State Rep. Phil 9-15-14bCommittee, and now sits on the Energy Resources Select Committee on Seismic Activity studying drilling and fracking developments in Denton County, as well as other areas near the DFW Metroplex.

“As for Texas, the last numbers show that 34% of our economy, I think about 300,000 jobs, are directly or collaterally tied to the oil and gas industry,” King explains.

Don’t miss former House Regulated Industries Committee chairman Phil King’s outlook for the Texas Oil & Gas Industry, its future impact on the State Budget, and more.    Continue Reading.

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8:28 am CST - September 11, 2014

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State Rep. Joe Pickett Talks: Texas Transportation Needs, Proposition 1 & TxDOT

“If you’re somebody who is conservative, who cares about the debt, this is a big point or plus … to make sure Prop 1 was as good as it could be.” 

TexasInsider - Pickett, State Rep. Joe Transportation Roads Prop 1 TxDOT 9-8-14AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) — “The dynamics that got us into this transportation funding situation are two-fold – one is very positive, and the second is not really a negative, but more of a reality check by the general public,” State. Rep. Joe Pickett tells Texas Insider’s Jim Cardle.

“The positive is, that everybody wants to be in Texas. This is where businesses want to be, this is where people are moving their families … and they usually bring a car, or two cars, so now we have, in fact, almost as many registered vehicles in Texas, as we do total population.

“The perception for the public is, when they see the gas prices go up … when gas goes from $3.29 a gallon to $3.89 a gallon you’d  assume that we, the state government, is collecting more tax based on that increase in price, but we don’t. We’re not collecting any more in taxes when prices increase, none TexasInsider - Pickett, State Rep. Joe3 Transportation Roads Prop 1 TxDOT 9-8-14whatsoever,” said Pickett.

“So there’s a real education process to all this to make sure the public knows that that .20 cents per gallon gas tax … and it’s been .20 cents per gallon for 23 years now, since 1991 … with all our tremendous economic growth and the need for roads that results from that growth, is just not sufficient to meet their needs anymore.

Don’t miss former House Transportation Committee chairman Joe Pickett’s outlook for the future of Texas roads, traffic congestion solutions, and Prop 1 on November’s Ballot.        Continue Reading.

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9:15 am CST - September 03, 2014

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Sen. Robert Nichols Talks: Texas Transportation, Congestion Fixes & Proposition 1 on November’s Ballot

“If the voters vote for Proposition 1 in November … if Prop 1 is passed, we’ll write a $1.7 billion check and devote it (constitutionally) to transportation.”

Texas Insider - Nichols, Robert Prop 1 Transportation 9-2-14cAUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) — “The Interstate System & 42,000 miles of Farm-to-Market roads in Texas were all built, and completed, more than 40 years ago. We’ve crossed the line to where revenues coming in will no longer preserve even the roads we have,” said Senate Transportation Committee Chair Robert Nichols, a former Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Commissioner.

“We’ve got to make sure that the congestion does not get worse.

Texas Insider - Nichols, Robert Prop 1 Transportation 9-2-14d“If we’re not going to borrow money to pay for roads anymore … you can either have a ‘pay as you go’ system, or more debt, which will make us actually worse off. Or, if Prop 1 is passed, we’ll write a $1.7 billion check and devote it (constitutionally) to transportation,” Nichols said.

 – Don’t miss Senate Transportation Committee Chairman Robert Nichols’ comments to Insider’s Jim Cardle.      Continue Reading.

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