Capitol Christmas Tree Lit

Harvested Nov. 2, made 28 stops enroute to Capitol

Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. – No one on Capitol Hill should have a hard time remembering what season we’ve entered upon returning last week from their week-long Thanksgiving “Recess”. “The People’s Tree,” a 73-foot Engelmann Spruce, was felled the first week of November in Colorado’s White River National Forest.  

The Capitol Christmas Tree, harvested Nov. 2, made stops in 28 communities across the country on its way to the Capitol, arriving at the West Front of the Capitol the morning of Nov. 26th fresh off its long journey from the White River National Forest in Colorado.

The tree has been decorated with some 5,000 ornaments, and was lit by Speaker John Boehner at 5 p.m. on Dec. 4. The tree will remain lit until 11 p.m. on Dec. 26th for members, staffers, and tourists alike to get a taste of Washington’s holiday spirit, as has been tradition since 1964.

The U.S. Forest Service supervised the tree’s tour enroute to Capitol Hill, including its being displayed in various Colorado towns, in Texas and New Mexico during its journey.

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