BONNEN & PARKER: Feds Should Reimburse Texas $2.8 Billion for Border Security Costs

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – “Today we make one final request of the Obama Administration: Do your constitutional duty and reimburse Texas for your failure to secure the border,” said State Representative Dennis Bonnen (right, R-Angleton) earlier this afternoon, as he and a large group of House Members called on the federal government to reimburse Texas for $2.8 billion in costs they said has been unfairly borne by Texas taxpayers as a result of Washington’s failure to secure the border.

“The drug epidemic, the growing sex trade and the surge in unaccompanied minors stem from a crisis of lawlessness on our southern border,” Bonnen told an overflowing Capitol Press Conference while releasing figures for Texas’ budgetary costs.

“Texas is proud to have gone beyond the call of duty in defending America’s border, but we have done so at great cost to our taxpayers,” said Rep. Tan Parker (left, R-Flower Mound,) who chairs the Texas House Republican’s Caucus.

“If the Obama Administration refuses to meet our request, we are hopeful President-elect Trump will give it due consideration so that we can make our communities, schools and hospitals whole,” said Parker.

“For years, Texas has stood in the gap. With a new Administration coming into office, we hope the tide will turn and that the federal government will do its duty so that Texas no longer has to,” said Bonnen.

Since January 2013, the state of Texas and local governments have been forced to spend $2.8 billion as a result of the federal government’s failure to secure the border.


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